Progressive Kinesiology

Progressive Kinesiology is one of the most wholistic therapies available today. It's a non-invasive simple technique that involves lying on a couch fully clothed. I will ask you to place your arms and legs in specific positions while I apply gentle and precise pressure. From the results of these muscle tests, which will be obvious to you if they are strong or weak, we can find any cause of the imbalance. This could include structural, emotional, dietary or energetic. I then make corrections specifically for you and give an individual program plan for you to go away with and put into practice.

As the treatment may involve lifestyle changes and dietary supplements you will need to ask permission from your doctor or consultant where appropriate. My aim is that you will leave my treatment room inspired to take care of yourself and inspire overflowing ideas of how to do this.

As Progressive Kinesiology is treated individually rather than the presenting symptom, a wide variety of ailments can be helped. The treatment is suitable for all ages, children are welcome although they will need an accompanying adult if under 16 years.

my experience covers treating clients suffering with:

  • Digestive problems
  • Aches in muscles and joints
  • Skin complaints
  • Hormonal symptoms
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Emotional trauma and Stress 
  • Cancer

The word Kinesiology comes from the Greek word kinesis, which means motion.  In medical science it is the name given to the study of muscles and the movement of the body. Kinesiology is a system of natural health care, which combines manual muscle testing with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is one of the only therapies that can truly be considered wholistic as it incorporates treatments on nutritional, emotional and energy levels. Kinesiology is based on the principle that muscles are related to meridian energy lines.  Meridians are channels which follow a certain route and contain life force energy known as Chi.  There are 14 meridians relating to each main organ of the body and each meridian has its own muscle group. All energy must be flowing correctly around the body for it to be healthy, any energy imbalance will cause disease. Any kinesiologist who is not medically qualified will refer to test findings as imbalances.  A Kinesiology treatment is also called a Balance. There are many different branches of Kinesiology available worldwide which have their own varying techniques but all come from the same source of muscle testing.

Progressive Kinesiology was founded in 2000 by Elizabeth Hughes and Miranda Welton. Encompassing traditional Kinesiology testing it also incorporates new methods of practice which are always evolving and developing as new understanding and insights are learnt. Most recently science has become involved in the area of psychneuroimmunology which has had a huge impact on our understanding and approach to healthcare.  An American chiropractor, Dr George Goodheart, began developing Kinesiology in the 1960s.  Chiropractic is based on the concept that the nerves are responsible for all body function and therefore treating the spine affects the whole person as our nerves radiate from our spines. 

Chiropractors are also concerned with muscles as muscles hold the spine and bones in position.  The bone can be manipulated time and time again, but unless the underlying muscle imbalance is not corrected, the fix will never last.  This was what led to the creation of Applied Kinesiology. Dr Goodheart made his discovery while testing a young man who had a problem with his shoulder blade.  Whilst examining the muscle, Dr Goodheart found some tiny painful bumps at the point where the muscle was attached to the shoulder blade.  When he massaged these bumps deeply, the muscle itself became stronger.  This finding led him on to further experiments. Dr Goodheart found that if a muscle became weak, the muscle on the opposite side of the body would tighten.  This was a revolutionary finding, as before it was believed that a muscle tightened, causing a weakness on the opposite side Dr Goodheart also discovered the muscle/meridian link.  This added a whole new dimension, since a weak muscle could also indicate an imbalance in its related meridian and associated organ.  A series of muscle tests were developed based on the muscle/meridian connection.  These form the basis of Kinesiology.

The wholistic approach Kinesiology, is one of the only therapies that can truly be called wholistic.  Wholistic means that it incorporates the whole person, the mental, chemical, physical and energy aspects.  A Kinesiologist is able to test which of these aspects is causing an imbalance. Mental factors include our emotions, thoughts, beliefs and attitudes about the past, present or future.  These can cause a range of problems including stress, insomnia, addictions, phobias and anxiety attacks.  In dealing with health problems, it is often necessary to identify any emotional factors involved. I do this by explaining the mind-body connection, using the Five Element emotions and the Behavioral barometer.  Emotions are then supported using essential oils , affirmations, counselling skills and specific Kinesiology techniques. EFT and NLP are also recommended where appropriate. Chemical factors include allergic reactions, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, blood sugar imbalances and toxicity.  All of these can cause symptoms such as skin conditions, headaches, IBS and dizziness. I can test for sensitivities to over 200 different substances.  Physical factors include imbalances in the muscles, joints and bones.  These can cause poor posture and aches and pains.  Kinesiology tests the major muscles to identify weak or tight muscles and for misalignment of the cranium, spine and pelvis.  I use reflex points to stimulate lymph and blood to the area that will support your condition. I also use Cranial sacral therapy techniques where appropriate to help headaches and back pain. Energy factors are problems that occur when energy is not flowing in harmony around the body.  Kinesiology tests for over and under energy in all circuits, left and right brain integration, ionization, centering and polarity switching. I am able to balance the relevant chakras and meridians that will help your condition.  All of these factors will contribute to disease and any combination of factors may be contributing at one time.

The beauty of Kinesiology is that we can test your body to find which of these factors and in what order they are making you ill.


Pricing Structure

 1 hr session $120.00

Usually 3 treatments are recommended at approximately one monthly intervals.

$300.00 for  3 prepaid sessions

Children below 15 yrs $50.00 per session.



Kat, 2016

 For me, meeting Shelley was a perfect timing. She is like a spiritual detective, eager to find how to balance me and give me the information from my body to help myself. She is passionate in what she does and has a lot of experience in healing, having healed herself and having the passion about health since young age. I love her practical way of working and her great sense of humor. My 8 year old daughter loves to work with her as well as she can crack jokes with Shelley while Shelley talks with her subconscious and balancing her in a way that feels light and fun. We both feel much better after her sessions. Through Shelley my body could direct me back to health and I am very grateful for that : ) I recommend anybody to give yourself a "Shelley treat" ! Love, Kat 

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