Therapeutic Essential Oils

Essential oils are living essences distilled or extracted from living plant material-seeds, rind, bark, leaves, flowers, twigs, nuts etc. They penetrate through the skin and body and are soluble only in oil and alcohol, not water. They have multiple actions and are extremely active. Like salt, they are highly concentrated. They are most effective when used only in trace amounts or a drop at a time, and often in dilution with water, herbal tea, salt and recipes or with a base oil such as Grapeseed oil or Jojoba oil.

They are highly anti infectious, anti bacterial, anti viral, yet amazingly safe to use. They selectively reduce the toxins in the body by respecting the beneficial flora of the intestines. They are highly effective at helping to unblock the energy pathways (Meridians) of the body.

Consequently their capacity for reducing pain is remarkable. Their aromas go directly to the brain and work as well on the mind as they do on the body.

In recent years awareness of Therapeutic Essential oils or the Art of Aromatherapy has risen tremendously, both in the news and in the marketplace. As exciting and encouraging as this is, it has also resulted in products which are better suited to what could be considered “recreational aromatherapy”. These are the products we see advertised on a daily basis which boast of amazing fragrances, coupled with the use of “Aromatherapy” in their descriptions. However these products more often than not contain “Essential Oils” of unknown quality or origin, many of which are derived not from plants but rather from a test tube in a laboratory, or which have been adulterated with synthetic or unstable extenders. Essential Oils intended for therapeutic medicinal purposes are a different matter altogether.

Every therapeutic-grade essential oil must be traceable back to the field where it was grown and the distiller from which it originated. The exact chemical composition must also be known. This is why it is important to choose oils which have been certified as E.O.B.B.D. - Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined.  A guarantee of purity, the E.O.B.B.D. label (H.E.B.B.D. in French) is only granted through the I.N.S.A. - Institut de Normalization Scientifique d’Aromatologie -a scientific committee of independent health professionals based in Europe.

Healing at Lavender source our Oils from Green Organics international whom are lucky to have a master blender with 25 years experience. Alexandria Brighton, she studied under Dr Penoel, the top French Theraputic Essential oils expert in the world. He runs a clinic in France using Theraputic Essential oils as his main form of medicine.

Alexandria sources all her oils from organic farms at the place of origin. This insures the oils have the correct health giving components that can only be found when the plant has grown in the perfect conditions for its species. Many years ago she searched the world for the best and now is in the enviable position of contracting all E.O.B.B.D oils across the range. 

Alexandria's blends are extensive, 100% pure and extremely powerful.

Please visit the website below and have a look around if you need any help please feel free to call 0439 849892 for Shelley Love