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Wisteria House is a place for people who have been diagnosed with cancer.

The type of cancer is not important nor whether you are choosing to go orthodox, alternate or a mix of both, the most important thing is to put in place procedures to get well. If you have cancer, you are sick, massive action needs to take place to turn that around and give your body the tools to heal itself whilst at the same time killing off cancer cells.

I was diagnosed with Breast cancer in 2012 and have spent the past 5 years healing myself and cleaning up my act. Although I had been interested in health and wellness prior to the diagnoses I had missed some vital information. 

What I can share with you is the wholistic approach I took to turn around a sick body, to being clear of cancer and very well. My personality allowed me to research the subject to the fullest, learn the skills to be able to treat myself and then implement what I had learnt. I studied Kinesiology to treat myself and now see I can help others do the same. (See Testimonials below)

My program consists of 10 subject headings with 10+ items in each category. This list serves as the basis of our research with your body to establish what you need, at what speed and amount you require. 

The subject headings are Diet, Detox,Treatments(both home and externally), Testing, Supplementation, Exercises, Household cleanup, The mind, Exercise, and Education. During a Kinesiology balance we can determine what is needed to bring your body back to homeostasis (balance) and at the same time I will teach you the skills to talk to your body. You will be able to tell which procedure/supplement/food/activity etc makes you strong and which make you weak. This will give you the power to set your body on a course to wellness. As each day goes by you will notice the little improvements and gain confidence that this can be done. I will be there to guide, share knowledge, support and conduct balances to keep you on the right track.

 I have used 95% of the list at one time or another, which means I can assist you to educate yourself and get started. Of the 120+ items on the list I have 80% integrated into my lifestyle still to this day. I am feeling better then I have ever have, I know what healthy bodily functions look like and still check each day that everything is working properly, and most importantly I am cancer free 5 yrs after diagnoses.

Please feel free to ring me and we can discuss how I can help you to implement what is needed to get well.

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  I would like to recommend Shelley at Progressive Kinesiology for her help in getting me on track to becoming a cancer survivor. My diagnosis of Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma was diagnosed in late 2014 by the medical profession that wanted to start me on a drug and surgery regime. THANK GOD FOR SHELLEY. Shelley was on the spot almost immediately to prescribe my treatment.Without any drugs of any kind Shelley was able to get me started on a suitable diet, detoxifying supplements, lifestyle changes, that returned my body to its normal balance.At the time of my cancer diagnosis my emotions were shot to ribbons, and without Shelleys help and the help of my family, I would have been a very sick man.I am now, like shelley, a cancer survivor, living a perfectly normal healthy life. Even my medical doctor, who does monitoring blood tests routinely, tells me how well I look. REMARKABLE !!!!!Keep up the great work Shelley in helping others to remain as healthy as I am.

>     Regards Chris Queenan 2016

Hey Shelley,

I just wanted to thank you for all your support and knowledge over my toughest of times. there are not many people like yourself who take the time to help heal others.. You helped me without hesitation.. i have tried to follow your instructions as much as I can & now i'm feeling a lot better, life is challenging enough but with people like yourself & your healing abilities mentally and physically life can only become thank you for being there for me Shelley ... Just wanted to show my appreciation to a kind & caring person like yourself::))) 

Helen P Feburary 2017