Body Stress Release is for everyone, from infants to the elderly, whether sick or healthy.

Who Needs Body Stress Release?

As we are all subjected to the stresses of living, we all tend to accumulate stored tension, which declines  the body’s efficiency. Even babies may have body stress after a difficult birth.  Therefore, everyone’s quality of life may be enhanced, by being assessed for body stress and having it released from time to time.

Technique of body stress release



By enhancing the lines of communication Body Stress Release enables us to constructively adapt tot he stresses of life, thereby assisting the body to heal and maintain itself.

Why Do People Seek Body Stress Release Care?

People are looking for relief from pain, stiffness or other discomfort.  Often it is because of lower back pain or leg pain, caused by stored tension in the lumbar spine;  headaches, resulting from body stress in the neck;  numb fingers due to compression in the lower neck affecting the nerve supply to the arms and hands. 

However, BSR has a broader objective – it is concerned with assisting the body in maintaining health

Our Bodies Are Self-Healing and Self-Maintaining

The body’s natural ability to maintain health depends on the coordination of all functions – this is controlled by the brain and nervous system.  If there is tension locked into the physical structures, the irritation to the nervous system undermines its efficiency.  For example, pressure in the lower back may not only cause pain, but also disturbs the nerve supply to the internal organs, such as the digestive and reproductive systems.  Compression in the neck means that there is an impact on the nerves which have connections to the eyes, mouth, heart, etc. 

Therefore, to promote efficiency of body function we need to keep ourselves free of stored body stress.

How Do We Acquire Body Stress?

In our daily lives we are subjected to various forms of stress.  Mechanical stress may arise from accidents, poor posture and incorrect lifting.  Chemical stress may be caused by harmful substances which we consume such as food additives, or inhale, eg. insecticides, or absorbed through the skin, such as certain cosmetics and cleaning products.  Mental and Emotional stresses cause us to tense our neck, shoulders and abdomen.  Even if the stresses are mild, they tend to build up, causing the muscles to gradually lock up.  Obviously it is preferable to have the body stress released, before it accumulates to the level of causing pain and malfunction.

In The Absence Of Pain, What Are The Signs Of Body Stress?

As the stresses become stored in the body a person will become aware of not feeling completely well.  It may manifest as a lack of energy or difficulty in thinking clearly.  There may be some stiffness on rising in the morning which eases as one moves about.  Babies will become irritable and children may appear uncooperative and lacking concentration

How Often Should A Person Be Assessed For Body Stress?

When a person has completed the series of BSR sessions (recommended 3 sessions in the space of 2 weeks, eg day 1 day 4 day 11 ) it is advisable to have a follow-up appointment within a month’s time, or in some cases sooner, as recommended by the practitioner.  In this way, any re-stressing of areas – due to the body going through a process of learning to deal with the stresses of daily life – may be released before symptoms arise.  After that, the appointments may be spaced further apart.  As the body stabilizes in its ability to cope with the stresses it is subjected to, it is advisable to have a BSR session several times a year, eg. every 3 months.  The frequency will vary according to the individual. 

The Return of Symptoms: Does It Mean That Body Stress Release Has Not Been Effective?

When a person has had a long-term condition of body stress, eg. originating from a past incident, there is an accumulation of layers of muscle tension.  After several sessions of BSR there may be total relief from pain or other symptoms.   As time passes, possibly days, weeks or even months, the body will continue its process of unlocking a deeper level of stored tension.  As the muscles relax back to normal tone, there may be an uncovering of the original cause.  The return of pain or stiffness means that the body is ready to deal with this, with some help from further BSR sessions. Therefore one should not become despondent about a problem which appears to return – it is an indication that more stored tension needs to be attended to. 


When Should a Baby or Child Be Assessed For Body Stress?

The birth process is stressful to the baby.  It makes sense to have a baby assessed for body stress within a few months of the birth, even if there do not appear to be any problems.  In this way, if there is any tension stored in the baby's neck or back it will be released before it accumulates to have an adverse impact on the nervous system.

The BSR practitioner carries out the checks and releases while the baby is lying on the mother's chest or lap.  The pressure applied is very light and comfortable for the baby.  After the stored stress is released a baby will often fall into a sound sleep.

Small children cannot always verbalize what they are feeling, but the parents may observe signs indicating the presence of body stress.  For example, a normally good natured child will become sullen and uncooperative, or the child may talk about a "funny feeling in the tummy”, or complain of sore legs.

Children enjoy experiencing BSR as it is a gentle procedure and they become aware of how different they feel once the stored tension has been released.  

Babies & children respond very quickly to BSR, as the pressure has not been present in the body for a long time and is readily released.