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What to expect when booking your sessions for The Richards Trauma Process TRTP,

First step to Email Helen to book a Free 20 minute call or Skype to discuss whether or not TRTP is suitable for you.                          

If we have agreed to proceed with TRTP

Sessions can be held in person but more often than not they will be held face to face through Skype, in this case you are required to have an uninterrupted calm space where I can clearly see you and USB headphones are needed.

The time for each session can vary a little, Usually around 90 min . Please allow 2 hours so you are not rushed.

We will book 3 sessions each of which will be booked 5 to 7 days apart.

I will emailed you some homework to complete, to send back to me Helen at least 4 days before our first session together. Together with notification of booked days and times and any other instructions, along with bank details for payment will be sent with homework. 

Please mention on the email that you are inquiring about the TRTP process. Thank you. 

Payment is $335 each session.

Experience the SHIFT from past traumas and stressing events that are holding you stuck.


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Changing one person may not change the world but It can change the world for one person.