Body Stress Release 

Prices per session;  $70.                                             

Bulk of 3 Sessions  $185.

Recommended 3 sessions in the space of 2 weeks 


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Electromagnetic Therapy

Prices per session  $70.

Bulk of 10 sessions $599.

Depending on your ailments sessions could be as often as every 3 days

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The Richards Trauma Process

TRTP consists of 3 (approx 2hr)  sessions, each session 5 to 7 days apart

$335.00 each session

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Price per session   $120.

Bulk of 3 sessions  $300.

Recommended 3 sessions at approximately one month intervals

Children under 15   $50

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The Biomat

When wanting to purchase your own Biomat, prices can differ a little depending on the us dollar. When using this link for updated prices select your country and currency.

If you are to order your own, select Your country, currency and correct Voltage for your country (240 volts for Australia)

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