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Body Stress Release



Everyday we deal with stress, Physical, Chemical and Emotional. Our bodies are designed to deal with stress but when we experience pain stiffness or numbness - this is a sign the body has reached overload and tension is stored in the physical structures – this is “Body Stress”.

The compression against the nerves stops the communication from the brain down the nerve paths to disrupting it's ability to restore healthy functions.


Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is a safe, gentle and effective treatment to help the body absorb nutrients, improve bone density, decrease pain reduce inflammation in injuries and fractures.

Helps to strengthen your immune system, accelerate nerve regeneration, assist menopausal symptoms, reduce muscle loss after surgery, and improve circulation by increasing blood flow and oxygen to all areas of the body. 



PTSD  is a condition that can develop as a result of any event that is overwhelming to the individual concerned. Problematic childbirth, accidents, domestic violence, physical or sexual abuse, physical attack. sudden deaths and prolonged stress and bullying are all potential triggers for the onset of PTSD.

Causing depression, phobias, panic attacks and anxiety controlling your days and ruling your nights

Perhaps you have sunk into survival mode rather than living a rich and fulfilling life?


Testimony on Body Stress Release (BSR)

Helen has magic hands and the ability to really connect with her clients on a emotional level which enables her to clear pain from wherever it is stuck in your body. I have used BSR as part of my ongoing physical and emotional well being routine for some years now and would heartily recommend it to anyone as a great choice. You will be so pleased with the results - in all areas of your life. xx Beth B

I Looked into Body Stress Release because I was having chronic back pain (2 bulging discs, 1 prolapsed)& knee (meniscus tear), stress headaches and neck aches from working - long periods of siting at computer. Body Stress Release helped me. Focus in the beginning being on knee as this was giving me the most trouble at that point in time (even putting on shoes would create a shooting pain to my knee). Helen helped by really listening to my complaints of all my aches and making notes about them, I was amazed to see the improvement after about 3 sessions. I go for regular top-ups now as it helps with the back/headaches; as I still work mainly sitting down looking at a screen, by doing this the quality of my life has definitely improved. As have my moods which is a bonus for my family. Initially I was was considering surgery (I was given the go-ahead from surgeon), but now don't need to as I'm no longer feeling the shooting pain. This was an injury 3 years ago. Thanks Helen. . . . Katrina Cook